You’re in charge. No matter what your health goals may be, please realize that we are only here to serve you. You’re in charge! We make recommendations on what will be the best possible scenario for you to get well and stay that way, but understand we can’t make you do anything. It’s your body and your health. We will provide you with the best chiropractic care possible that is our pledge. It’s your decision how much of it you want.

1. Relief Care

Many people arrive at our office with one objective: relief! So, naturally that is also our objective. During this stage of care, we have several responsibilities to you as our


1. Discover the primary cause of the problem

2. Suggest a plan to give you the fastest relief possible

3. Recommend ways you can help in the recovery process

• Nutrition

• Exercises / Stretches

• Lifestyle changes

2. Corrective Care

This phase of care takes place once most of the initial pain that was occurring has subsided. The goal of this second phase of care is to get your spine to stay in the corrected position and give you long-term relief. Once the majority of pain has subsided people assume that there is nothing wrong with them. Unfortunately, pain in the body is a very poor meter of health. Typically, pain and other symptoms only occur once a condition or disease has become advanced. There is a saying “pain is the last to show and the first to go”. We don’t want to see you regress back into pain and that is why corrective care is integral to the goal of keeping you feeling great.

3. Wellness Care

We promote this phase of care to all our patients. The goal of this phase is to maintain health and prolong the mobility of the body. We want our patients to be proactive about their health. Instead of waiting for symptoms to appear and then treating them, lets keep the body functioning at 100% so they never occur.