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First off, you are an athlete whether you acknowledge it or not. You are meant to move freely and function without obstruction. You may find yourself functioning less than you once did and that is where chiropractic comes in. Athletes all over the world have been taking advantage of chiropractic care and the benefits it has on athletic performance. Here at our office we specialize in this type of care for athletes of all ages and levels of competition. One of the biggest areas you can see the chiropractic advantage is at the London Olympics, during the games there were 150 chiropractors working with U.S. athletes alone. If you want to win a gold medal you have to be on the top of your game and that is what chiropractic care allows you to do.

There are chiropractors on staff in every major league sport in America. For
example all 32 teams in the NFL have a chiropractor on staff. Every athlete is looking
for that edge to out play their opponent and they are finding that chiropractic offers a
hands-on, drug-free advantage that is unmistakable. Athletes are finely tuned humans and
when one seemingly unimportant part of their physiology is not performing properly they
lose function; adding time or shortening distances to their event.

As little as a 25-degree increase in foot flare (lateral rotation of the foot) can
decrease stride length by up to 1”. Consider the 100-meter dash, which, is a relatively
short race in comparison to others. Now think about Usain Bolt, the fastest man in
the world, running this race. It takes Bolt on average of 41 steps to complete a 100-
meter dash. If only one of his legs has a 25-degree foot flare out of normal alignment
it will cost him 20.5 inches overall in distance, roughly 1.7 feet. This race is one of
inches and any loss of ground is very significant. But, don’t worry about Usain Bolt, he
already know the benefits of chiropractic care and is a regular patient. Other benefits
of chiropractic care have also been established through thorough studies, such as:
improvements in power, speed, balance, agility, reaction time, hand eye coordination, and
decrease in healing time from injury.

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