Your Second Visit To Our Office

On your second visit the doctor will give you a detailed explanation of what he found and

a specific plan of action to get you feeling better. We encourage you to ask any questions

you may have, not only during this visit, but anytime you are in our office.

The first thing we will do is present you with the biomechanical analysis of your spine

and how it correlates to the problems that you are having. We will also present you with

what needs to be done to correct your problem and give you a projected timetable as to

how long it will take to get you functioning normally again.

After this we will again evaluate your spine with instrumentation (nervoscope), motion

palpation, static palpation, and visualization to determine what adjustments need to be

performed and do them at this time.

Things that we will never do at our office: make you sign a “care contract”, give you a

projected care plan that locks you in for a certain amount of adjustments, or any other

kind of gimmicks. We believe that every patient is different and everyone responds

differently to care. What we will do is give you a potential timeframe as to how long it

will take you to start feeling better. Keep in mind, we take everything one adjustment at

a time and we will reevaluate your progress after every visit tailoring your care to you.