full spine

Your First Visit To Our Ames Office

You will be welcomed by our very friendly front desk staff, which, will answer any insurance questions you may have when you come into our office.

Your first visit typically takes 30-35 minutes. You will fill out paperwork (if you haven’t done so already on this website) with general health information and pertinent information to your problem. Next, the doctor will come out to greet you and bring you back to the consultation area. Here you can ask any questions you may have and voice any concerns about your health. During the consultation we will determine if chiropractic care is the right choice for your case.

nervo-scopeNext, we will transition to the exam room to further evaluate the problem area. These exams are necessary to determine the plan of action to get you feeling well as fast as possible. The tests will include but are not limited to orthopedic exams (specialized tests that help us rule out or rule in certain conditions), instrumentation (using the nervoscope on your back to give us objective data on how the spine is functioning), motion palpation (taking your spine through specific ranges of motion to detect any insufficiencies), static palpation (feeling on or next to the spine for changes in heat, swelling, and perspiration).

After this we will determine if taking x-rays of your spine will be necessary. The x-rays we take are full spine weight bearing films. X-rays may be taken for many reasons, such as:

1. Weight bearing films help determine how your spine functions;

2. to evaluate the joint integrity between the vertebrae;

3. to determine if there is any degeneration present;

4. to locate any biomechanical problem areas and;

5. to rule out other pathologies (diseases).

Working with a blueprint of your spine (x-ray) greatly increases our knowledge of your condition and the specificity of the adjustment.