Our Ames chiropractic clinic provides patients with the opportunity to take advantage of our unique and integrated approach to your health and chiropractic needs. We provide care to people of all ages and from all walks of life. No matter who you are or what you are suffering from, if it is a chiropractic case we can help. Our approach is simple: we want you to feel better, function better, and live better. As a chiropractor in Ames, I provide different types of chiropractic care depending on you and your personal needs.

+Pediatric / Pregnancy Chiropractic
+Sports / Extremity Chiropractic
+Geriatric Chiropractic
+Family Chiropractic
+Nutritional Counseling

At Dr. Taylor Family & Sports Chiropractic we help athletes to improve their level of performance, decrease pain, and decrease healing time from injuries. Whether you acknowledge it or not you are an athlete in some way or form. Life itself is physically demanding on the body and over time causes you to function less than you once did. You are meant to move freely and function without obstruction or pain and that is where we come in. If you have ever wondered if you could benefit from chiropractic care, give us a call and we would love to provide you with a no-obligation consultation and we will personally answer any questions you may have.

Official chiropractor for the ISU Hockey Team!

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